CEO / Owner

Matt Bein

Owner / CEO 

Matt Bein is the owner, more so known in the community and industry as “Matti-B.” He started his professional career out of high school working for a local electrical company. During his College years he got the calling to serve his country as a United States Marine. After 8 years of service, several deployments, and numerous awards later he was medically retired from injuries sustained in combat. He gained knowledge of the industry working for several contracting companies as a laborer making his way up to project management. Meeting several colleagues along the way he decided to team up and venture out on his own. Through trials and tribulations he learned how to navigate the entire industry through hard work and networking that now shows in Prime Management. From custom designed homes and remodels, to offering the best materials money can buy at extremely affordable pricing for exterior work and repairs. He has a passion for his fellow Americans and believes in the power of teamwork.  In JTAC fashion your home will be “Cleared Hot."